Donkey Bridge

Project 1: AMANC

“helping kids with cancer and their families in Mexico”

- Mission:

To help extremely poor children with cancer by offering a complete support model so they can receive the necessary care and guidance through this difficult period in their young lives.

- Problem:

More then 5000 new diagnoses per year and unfortunately the largest cause of death among children between the age of 5 and 14 years old in Mexico.


Who We Are

We are a Mexican-Dutch couple with an urge to help other people. The inspiration for Donkey Bridge came from personal experiences combined with professional backgrounds. Our studies and experiences in anthropology, criminology...
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Why Donkey Bridge?

We believe in the principles of sharing and reciprocity. Donkey Bridge wants to create a two-way interaction path between you and someone in need...
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What can you do?

You can build a bridge between: - Your idea and turning it into a reality - Your talent and a project - Worries and dreams
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Buy a beautiful artwork hand made from the kids and family directly from Mexico that will also be a contribution for this cause…